iPhone 5 vs Sony Xperia Z: World War Z

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The late Steve Jobs was a Sony fan. He once said that he wanted Apple to be more like Sony after he became fascinated with the Walkman they released, along with the factories of the tech giant.

But is Sony now trying to turn into Apple?

Sony Xperia Z vs iPhone 5

Sony showed off the Xperia Z at CES, which is in competition with the Apple iPhone 5 and is Sony’s most recent attempt at being leaders in the high end phone market.

The Sony Xperia Z isn’t the company’s first attempt at delivering a smartphone in the elite category as there have been other devices in the Xperia line-up before. However none of these have been able to gain the attention that has been reserved for the Apple iPhone5  or even the Samsung Galaxy S3.

This version of the Sony Xperia could be the one that allow Sony to become a better competitor in the market though.

The Sony Xperia Z has a 13 megapixel camera, while the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 both have 8 megapixels. The Sony Xperia Z also has a much better screen as it is full 1080p HD.

However what sets the device apart the most is one of its unique features, the fact that the Sony Xperia Z is waterproof. The handset has been put into water of three feet in depth and come out unblemished. Apple iPhone owners who want their device to be waterproof have to hand over around $70 for a case.

Sony has been able to make the most of their existing electronics and have made their device more attractive to the consumer. The Sony Xperia Z is able to interact with the audio and TVs from Sony.

Phone makers on Android are going way out with their handsets, not only competing against the likes of Apple, but also each other.

There has been a trend in the media saying that Samsung is the largest threat to Apple. However it could be that Apple has more to worry about than just Samsung.

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