Double Trouble: iPhone 5 Needs To Watch Its Back (& Front)

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While the iPhone 5 is trying to play catch up to the Samsung Galaxy S3 in terms of sales, it may soon have to worry about the upcoming Galaxy S4 much earlier than expected.

Samsung Galaxy S4 & S3 to sandwich iPhone 5 (rumor)

The latest rumours surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S4 is that the device could be making its way to us around February of 2013. The device could have the Exynos chipset with the Cortex quad core A15 processor and it may have a camera of 13 megapixels. This will give the iPhone 5 very little breathing room given that it is now only stretching its legs after its supply shortage.

GSMArena said that the Samsung Galaxy S4 could very well have the camera of 13 megapixels as the Note 2 should have been available with this camera too. However it failed to arise thanks to Sony not being able to produce enough sensors in time for Note 2’s launch. Samsung will not want to launch three flagship handsets in a row that come with the same camera, which is another reason why the S4 could have the 13 megapixel camera.

The camera of the S3 is beaten by that of the iPhone 5 and the Lumia 920 from Nokia. Therefore Samsung will want to pull something out of the bag to beat them as well.

Slashgear meanwhile said that the S4 could be launched in late February 2013. With the Samsung Galaxy S3 currently holding the best-seller title, the iPhone 5 may be sandwiched when it comes to trying to snatch this title away from the S3 while still trying to fend off the S4.

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