iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Apple Comes Out On Top (WW)

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The iPhone 5 is out and it now can be officially compared against the reigning Samsung Galaxy S3. The folks over at Wireless Week (WW) did just that and found the iPhone 5 comes out on top.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: WW picks Apple’s device as winner

Both of the devices have superb high-res display, they support LTE, come with dual core processors that are powerful, have battery life that is good and they have cameras of 8 megapixels. However Wireless Week compared the two and the results of their comparison may cause some upset from fans of Android.

WW said that if they were to have to choose a device and the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 were on the table then it would have to be the iPhone 5. However they did add that this would be by a very narrow margin. So what brought them to this conclusion?

For one thing the iPhone 5 will have the same reliability as the other versions of the device. This is a design that is strong and looks great. The camera has been improved and the iPhone now has support for 4G LTE. Having the latest operating system is also a huge bonus as this now provides the iPhone 5 with 200 new features.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 does however have some very innovative features, but then again there are things that trip it up. The S3 offers plenty of customization as it runs on Android 4.0 and there will soon be an update to the latest Jelly Bean OS shorty. However according to Wireless Week the OS can be too much for some users.

The iPhone 5 now has a 4 inch Retina screen and despite the fact that this is not as big as the display on the Samsung Galaxy S3, it offers great video and pictures playback, and it is easier to carry around and put in the pocket.

Check out WW’s full review here to see all the reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S3 lost to the iPhone 5 in their detailed comparison.

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