iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3: Forget Specs, S3’s Real X Factor Is…

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Ever since the iPhone 5 came out there have been dozens of comparisons between it and the Samsung Galaxy S3 – looking mainly at the cameras, browsing speeds and screens etc. The iPhone 5 has some amazing hardware and is actually managing to beat the S3 in benchmarks – finally! However recent reports have been showing that the Samsung Galaxy S3 still continues to sell better than the iPhone 5. Samsung reported having the 4 of 5 of its best sales weeks after the iPhone 5 launched. It has also hit 30 million in sales well before the projected end of the year, and it is still more popular than the iPhone 5 in the UK. So why is the Samsung Galaxy S3 still the crowd favourite?

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Why S3 isn’t an easy pushover for Apple like other Androids were?

Even though the iPhone 5 is proving to be faster on paper, loads of people are still favouring the Samsung Galaxy S3 for being “more powerful” as a smartphone. Why?

Fast is all very well, but a smartphone needs to be…well….smart. Benchmark tests focus on speeds and so on, but don’t look at the global picture, so they don’t tell the full story.

A decent smartphone needs to browse the web, make calls, take photos, recognize voices, pay wirelessly and record videos. This is exactly where the iPhone 5 starts to fall behind, as it doesn’t have as many “extras” as the Samsung Galaxy S3. It doesn’t allow for the level of customization like the Samsung Galaxy S3, and its streamlined OS can actually be restrictive. There are also web browsing limitations.

If you recall, there was once a rumour that the iPhone 5 would have a video projector and a holographic keyboard. This truly had fans excited. This tells to us that Apple fans want innovation too, even if some of it seems bonkers! What they got was one of the most basic high-end devices to hit the market in some time. It is faster than many others, though.

The Samsung Galaxy S3, on the other hand, has loads of clever whistles and bells, which is exactly what consumers looking for the latest phone want. Taking a screenshot with the Samsung Galaxy S3 involves simply swiping the palm over the screen. This won’t set the world on fire, but it’s just one small part of a phalanx of features that add up to make a unique and clever device. Another feature is the one that lets you abandon a text message and call the person instead just by raising the phone to your ear. The S3 also tracks your eye movements to see when you look away from the screen, and when you do, it dims the screen to save battery. It also has wireless charging, NFC and MHL, as well as all the other Android tricks like changing keyboards, custom ROMs, launchers, widgets and so forth.

Both of these phones have a well-deserved place in the market, but the Samsung Galaxy S3 remains a real crowd-pleaser because it has loads of added features that make people overlook the quirks of the Android platform that many keep hopping on.

While both the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 can match each other’s hardware, it is the added features in the Samsung Galaxy S3 that amazes people. The iPhone 5 will always be prettier to look at than the S3, but is that good enough in 2012?

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