iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3: Forget Specs, S3’s Real Attraction Is…

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Since the iPhone 5 came out it’s been compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3 countless times. These reviews look at the cameras, browsing speeds, screens and so on. The iPhone 5 is starting to pull ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in its sales pace, but the Samsung Galaxy S3 is still a massive crowd-pleaser.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: why S3 is no pushover

Even with the iPhone 5 proving to be faster on some benchmark scores, many still see the Samsung Galaxy S3 as more powerful – but why?

Being fast is great, but a smartphone also needs to be….well…smart. Benchmark tests look at speeds and all that, but don’t take into account how clever the phone is. They don’t give you the full story.

A good smartphone should be able to do all things – browsing, calls, photos and videos. It should have wireless payment and voice recognition, and as many bells & whistles you can stuff into that tiny body. This is where Apple falls behind the Android crew and phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3. The iPhone 5 doesn’t offer deep customization, and iOS 6 is maybe not so much streamlined as prescriptive, especially with a gated App Store. There are also web browsing limitations like lack of Flash support and setting your default web browser.

And it isn’t that Apple fans don’t want the iPhone 5 to have more features. There was a rumor about a holographic keyboard and a video projector coming to the iPhone 5 in the past and it created quite the media storm. This showed just how much Cupertino devotees crave innovation as well no matter how far-fetched some of the things may sound. The iPhone 5, however, has proved to be one of the most basic of the high-end phones, even though it’s a lot faster than most.

Over at Samsung, meanwhile, the Galaxy S3 has all that and more, which is why techie types love it. All you have to do to take a screenshot is to slide your palm over the screen. This isn’t all that amazing in itself, but it’s just a part of the slew of features that add up to make it a remarkable piece of kit. You can abandon a text message and call that contact just by raising the Samsung Galaxy S3 to your ear. It tracks you eyes to see when you look away, and when you do, it shuts the screen down to conserve power. It has wireless charging, NFC, MHL and the chance to change ROMs, default handling apps, keyboards and much more.

Both phones have a place in the smartphone ecosystem, of course, but consumers love the Samsung Galaxy S3 because it comes with loads of thoughtful added features that they appreciate. It’s these touches that make them want to navigate the tricky Android OS rather than the smooth plateaus of iOS. Given the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S3 over other Android smartphones, you know Samsung’s done something right.

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