The One Thing Samsung Galaxy S3 Can’t Take From iPhone 5

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Apple will always have competitors in the smartphone world and while they may stumble a little when it comes to certain products, TV for one, they have a secret weapon behind them that keeps them on top, and that’s in the form of consumer satisfaction claims ComputerWorld.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Customer satisfaction a big part

CW goes on to elaborate that this is very important due to the fact that Apple will be revealing the latest incarnation of the iPhone next week, the iPhone 5. They will need consumer satisfaction in the corner if the new device is to hit record sales. Today we have seen evidence that Apple can keep consumers satisfied as they rank at the top of the smartphone satisfaction survey from JD Power, and they have done so for eight times now thanks to the iPhone.

The iPhone stands out in all categories but it is well praised for the design and how easy the device is to use. The iPhone ranked 848 on a 1,000 points scale system which was way ahead of their nearest competition HTC, with 790 points. Consumers put performance first, followed by the design, features and finally how easy the handset is to use.

Vocalabs found out in May that Apple have the best customer service too and said that consumers left the support call feeling very satisfied. Another thing that makes an iPhone stand out is the fact that Apple don’t just look at the iPhone as a device, they see it as something that offers a pristine experience to the consumer.

Satisfied consumers means greater sales, so it is possible that Apple may indeed exceed the 170 million sales of units that they expect to sell over the next 12 months. Perhaps the only things that stand in this path is the on-going litigation with the Android sector, in particular patent battles with Samsung, problems getting parts, an uninspiring iPhone 5 on release and the handset having hardware flaws that cannot be resolved.

With the Samsung Galaxy S3 bringing in record sales, the iPhone 5 certainly has its work cut out for it. However with a better track record when it comes to satisfaction, that may always be something Samsung can’t touch, even with their hot Galaxy S3.

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