iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3: Forget Specs, Apple May Have Won Already

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Fans of tech will know by now that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 5 on 12th September. The handset has already been hyped up and chances are that it will be a great seller. The device could even blow away sales records of other Apple devices and it could even beat the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S3, the best selling Android phone this year so far.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: analysts weigh in on sales numbers

Android is still in front when it comes to market share despite the fact that Apple’s share growth is larger. Samsung are the leaders at the moment with around a quarter of all mobile phone users owning a device from them, compared to 16% who own an iPhone. However it is thought that the figures could change drastically following the court case which Samsung lost.

Apple is trying to get some of Samsung’s devices banned from the shelves in the US. This now includes the popular Samsung Galaxy S3 and it could put people off from purchasing the flagship device from Samsung. PhoneReviews (PR) reports that an Apple analyst recently said that the release of the iPhone 5 would see the largest electronic device upgrade in history.

It has been rumored that the iPhone 5 will become available around the 21st September in stores. If so this means that it would have just 10 days of sales in the September quarter. Even so record sales could be blown out of the water and Apple could sell around 6 to 10 million units during the first week of the release of the device, providing demand could be met adds PR. In total during the September quarter Apple could see around 28 million units being sold. While the number seems large you do have bear in mind that the new iPhone 5 will be available for pre-order from the moment it is launched and it will be available on all of the major US carriers. Apple will of course want to reach 10 million sales during the first week so that they can blow Samsung’s record of 9 million pre-orders away.

As we’ve seen from past history, the iPhone always comes up on top when it comes to sales figures. So even if it isn’t able to match the Samsung Galaxy S3 in terms of hardware, it would already be a winner in sales numbers. The latest predictions put Apple selling around 200 million iPhone 5 units before the year is up.

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