iPhone 5 Gobbles Through iPhone 5 Sales

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A lot of people are talking about the Samsung Galaxy S3 and it has quickly become the best selling smartphone in the US in this short time. This is despite the fact that Apple are about to launch a new iPhone 5.

Samsung Galaxy S3 headstart has it eating into future iPhone 5 sales

This could be due to the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will match what Apple has to offer with their latest generation iPhone 5 and in some cases surpass it reports BrightSideOfNews. The screen of the iPhone 5 will not match that of the S3 for instance and the processors should be equal. It is also estimated that both handsets will be in the same price bracket.

However if the iPhone 5 has LTE then it may be saved as it will be faster on the network than the iPhone 4S which has already lost its throne to the S3.

The rumor is that the iPhone 5 will have a 4 inch display, bigger than the 3.5 of other iPhones, but not as large as the 4.8 of the Galaxy S3. There is also the matter of NFC, which the S3 has and the iPhone 5 is rumoured to have, so this could be make or break for the iPhone 5 as NFC is the future of smartphones.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has sold 10 million units in just 55 days; will the iPhone 5 be able to do this? Analysts are saying that the iPhone 5 will sell well but it may fall short of what Apple has been predicting prior to the S3 being such a success.

So all in all while the next generation iPhone 5 is expected to sell well, BSON reports that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has already managed to gobble up some of its sales and depending on what Apple has to offer next week, Samsung may continue to thrive in the market.

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