iPhone 5 Has More Muscle Than Even Samsung Galaxy S3

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A reviewer has posted the Geekbench test results which are said to be of the iPhone 5 reports MacRumors. The device scores a whopping 1601. If true they tell us a little about the speed of the A6 processor of Apple’s iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 beats Samsung Galaxy in Geekbench

The score happens to be twice that of the old A5 processor which is in the iPhone 4S and it comes in slightly above the top end Android handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S3.

In the past, iOS devices have failed to reach 800 and so scoring 1601 is a huge leap forward for the iPhone 5. The Power Mac G5, which was Apple’s most powerful device a few years ago, managed a score of 1571, so the iPhone 5 is packing some serious muscle for a smartphone.

The Nexus 7 powered by the Tegra 3 quad core got a score of 1591 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 quad core scored 1560 in the Geekbench test. So it is worth noting that the iPhone 5 is more powerful than the S3 running ICS but will likely lose its throne when the device get its Jelly Bean update.

The results from Geekbench also confirmed the 1GHz ARMv7 processor along with the 1GB of RAM in the iPhone 5 that was rumored yesterday.

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