iPhone 5 Can’t Take On Samsung Galaxy Range Alone, Spin-Offs Needed?

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Maybe it is time for Apple to take a look at their strategy and start to release more than one iPhone a year. This could put a stop to Samsung taking advantage as they did with their Galaxy S3 claims eWeek.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3, Nexus & Note

It appears that iPhone sales are cooling off; at least this is what IDC recently said. Over the past quarter the sales of iPhones have softened and rumor has it that this is due to the handset having lost its freshness or that it looks ancient alongside the thinner and lighter handsets that are on the market with larger screens. There is also of course the fact that the iPhone 5 release date is nearing.

The plan of Apple has been to make the most of the lull in the sales of the iPhone that typically arise before launch of a new handset. Other manufacturers on the other hand create few devices that are distinctive. So should Apple give some thought to putting an end to slow periods between the launch of a new iPhone as this would eliminate the chance of the handset being classed as being outdated?

If demand for the iPhone becomes steep Apple could have to start developing products which they could launch in the middle of the year suggests eWeek. This would keep interest all year round. For instance this could be in the style of a Mini iPad which would be for prepaid users. Some say that the strength of Apple is in their limited product lines. Jonathan Ive recently said that the goal of Apple was not about making money but about providing great products. Maybe they should consider that people can lose interest and after all 12 months is a long time in the electronics industry.

Do you think Apple should consider releasing a couple more handsets between the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 6 next year? Maybe some models with different display sizes, color options and even possibly design? Could this stop the growing success of Samsung thanks to the likes of the S3, Nexus and Note?


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