iPhone 5 Watches As Samsung Galaxy S3 & Note 2 Post Record Sales

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The hype which surrounded the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini has done nothing to stop sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the Samsung Galaxy S3. Apple may be a little surprised to hear that its biggest rival, Samsung, seems to be unfaltered by the release of their star products in this round, as they watch in disbelief as Android leads the market right now.

Samsung Galaxy S3 & Galaxy Note 2 continue with record sales

Samsung announced by way of Twitter that they had sold more than 30 million units of the Samsung Galaxy S3 since they released the handset just 5 months ago. This news has meant that the S3 is one of the best-selling devices in the world.

Samsung have also said that they have sold more than 3 million Samsung Galaxy Note 2 units in just over a month. This has shown a pace that is three times that of the original Note. These figures make those who said that there was no market for a device with a 5.5 inch screen wish they had kept their mouth closed.

One thing that will shock many fans of Apple and Apple themselves, is the fact that the sales of Samsung grew by 15% when Apple revealed their iPhone 5.

The head of Samsung’s IT and mobile communication department said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 continues to run away as the favourite on the market right now.

Research from IDC has shown us that Samsung is taking over the smartphone market as they have a share of 56.3%, while Apple is trailing behind with just 26.9%.

This happens to be the first time since the fourth quarter of 2009 that one company has had more than 31% shares in the market during a single quarter. The growth of Samsung could be contributed to the refreshed Android portfolio, which is deep along with being broad. This has been topped with the full quarter availability of their flagship Samsung Galaxy S3.

While Apple have always been known to be the innovators of tablets and smartphones, even introducing devices that others have been said to copy, recent trend has shown us that the iPhone is struggling to compete with other phones on Android when it comes to bringing the latest technologies first.

Trends have also shown up to suggest that while Apple was once the leaders; their share in the market has slid from 59.7% last year to 50.4% this year.

While Apple has a range of iOS products, it is the iPhone that is expected to make the deepest impact on sales. So if Apple wants iOS to take back marketshare from Android, it will come down to the iPhone. As the above reports show, the iPhone 5 isn’t quite cutting it despite posting record sales of its own.


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