iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 & Nokia Lumia 920: Boss Fight!

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The iPhone 5 has arrived at last but has Apple actually done what is needed to tempt consumers away from the likes of the legendary Android Samsung Galaxy S3 or the top WP8 device the Nokia Lumia 920?

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 & Nokia Lumia 920

Apple had a lot at stake when they released the update to the iPhone 4S. In August of this year they saw the iPhone 4S topple from the top spot of the best-selling device when the Samsung Galaxy S3 took over. This may not have all been down to the Samsung Galaxy S3, but instead some of it could have been due to the fact that people were waiting for the release of the iPhone 5.

So can the Apple iPhone 5 reclaim their top spot for the best-selling phone? The folks over at HuffingtonPost have prepared a handy little comparison chart which pits the iPhone 5 against its predecessor the 4S, as well as the current bosses of their respective ecosystems, the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia Lumia 920. Check it out below.



Now do keep in mind that at the end of the day, because these rival devices run on different mobile platforms it is tough to judge which is the best smartphone based on hardware specs alone. In fact, they all appear almost identical in terms of processing power and features. So it is best to “test drive” the Samsung Galaxy S3, iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 920 to see which suits you best.

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