iPhone 5 & Galaxy S3 Killer Prepped For January Debut

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It seems that Sony has been working hard on a new Xperia handset that they hope will bring them back to the forefront along with offering consumers an alternative option to handsets that are on the market at the moment. These of course include the Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2 and the iPhone 5.

Next Xperia hopes to take on iPhone 5 & Samsung Galaxy S3

Sony will show off the new device at CES 2013 in January and the device is said to have what it takes to beat the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3, says its VP of Sales and Marketing. This means that Sony will be targeting these two handsets when they release their new device.

It is thought that the device may have the name of the Sony Yuga. Rumours are that it will come with a 5 inch display that will be 1080p, have a 12 megapixel camera and it will come with Android Jelly Bean.

Large displays are in at the moment and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has proven they are popular. The HTC Droid DNA has been announced with a 5 inch 1080p display  as well.

However does Sony have the brand name to compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung? We saw what a good device can do to any brand’s reputations (e.g. LG Nexus 4) so we do have high hopes for the Sony Yuga.

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