iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 vs One X: Best Camera Is…

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There are loads of great phones out at the moment, and if you take a lot of photos and videos, your best bets are the Samsung Galaxy S3, the iPhone 5 or the HTC One X+. These handsets have brilliant cameras that make for stunning shots, but which of the trio edges ahead?

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5 vs HTC One X camera test

Gforgames took a good look at these phones to find the best camera sensor, and they came up with a definitive answer.

The HTC One X was the worst for degradation of the background, as the sensor appears to oversharpen images. The iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3 gave no such problems, and were brilliant.

The iPhone 5 offered a wider colour range in different settings than the other two. The images looked more natural, and the Galaxy S3 wasn’t too far behind. The HTC One X produced photos that looked too warm, with occasional yellowness.

So, the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3 are level in exposure terms, whereas the HTC One X tended towards under exposed darker pics.

The iPhone 5 was top of the crop when it came to dynamics, too, and it performed well in all light conditions. The HTC One X and the Galaxy S3 were joint second, even though the flash on the S3 was the best of the three.

The iPhone 5 topped the bill for HD videos, too, with lots of sharp detail and natural-looking colours. The S3 also did a great job, and kept wind noise down.

Unfortunately the HTC One X didn’t come up to scratch, with poor details and low light performance.

So, the iPhone 5’s camera is the best here, and it was fast, too. The HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S3 weren’t sluggards either, though, and they also benefit from additional controls like burst mode.

The only better camera is the one in the Nokia Lumia 920, so the iPhone 5 snapper is very respectable indeed.

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