iPhone 5 Should “Borrow” These Samsung Galaxy S3 Features

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Last Autumn’s iPhone 4S was an in-line progression from the iPhone 4 with fancy Siri and a faster processor. Different widgets, same looks.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: What Apple can learn

Apple seems to have gotten a bit lazy on the aesthetics, and so Samsung Galaxy S3 won this particular contest. Looking past the legal battle, take a shuffle at the physical.

While many were surprised that the iPhone 5 wasn’t out last fall, Apple was sticking to its usual release pattern. 2008 saw the iPhone 3G,the the 3GS in 2009, which had the same form as the 3G. This pattern is known as the “tick tock” release cycle explains ZDNET. Apple lets out a new body in one year (tick), then a similar body with enhanced internals (tock) the next.

This sidelined Apple for a year (which is an age in tech circles) with a samey-looking iPhone 4S while rivals were getting busy with new looks. Apple used to break ground, but recently it seems to have been stuck in the mud.

Now we’re in the “tick” phase and it may be time for Apple to borrow some ideas from the Samsung Galaxy S3. The S3 looks make you wonder if design genius Sir Jony Ive had taken the day off when the iPhone 4S was dreamed up. The iPhone 4S is looking rather old and utilitarian now. The first leaked pics had everyone conviced that it was a quickly knocked-up prototype. The S3 on the other hand, feels sleek and chic, fitting nicely in the hand. The iPhone 4S now looks like an ice scraper, and after a few months, the aluminium bezel looks like you’ve been using it for that very purpose points out ZDNET.

So, what can the iPhone 5 learn from the Samsung Galaxy S3? The
S3 has a fab form – a 4.8” screen, the NFC chip and LTE speed as well as the Android bells & whistles (think CyanogenMod 10, Swype, custom launchers etc) that iOS hasn’t got. If you live or work near an LTE tower, you’ll be blown away by the 4G/LTE speeds, as well.

On the design front, straight or curvy is a matter of individual preference, but Apple has been going straight for two years now, and it seems like the iPhone 5 will be following on. Still straight, but a bit taller.

So, the iPhone leads the market, and Apple is the world’s most valuable company, but it needs to bust out of this tick tock pattern. The iPhone hardware should be redesigned every year to keep everyone on their toes. Apple needs to listen to customer feedback, and monitor exactly what the competition is doing.

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