iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Who’s the Copycat Here??

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 was a direct challenge to Apple and its market share. Now that the iPhone 5 is on its way, Apple should reclaim what it missed out on since the S3 hit the streets. If rumors prove true, though, the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 may well have more in common than you’d think. Read on.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: many similarities

The Samsung Galaxy S3 chip is a Cortex A9, Exynos quad-core (international) and if the rumors are right, the iPhone 5 will have a quad-core chip from Samsung too.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 and its 4.8” display is 0.5” bigger than its predecessor, and the iPhone 5 is strongly believed to have a 4” screen, which is 0.5” bigger than previous iPhones.

The thinness of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of its advantages – 8.6mm and a feathery 133g. Apparently the iPhone 5 will have a unibody, which will make it just 7.6mm in thickness and therefore the lightest and thinnest iPhone ever.

The Gorilla Glass 2 that protects the display on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is very likely to feature on the iPhone 5 as well.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 camera is 8MP, as is the iPhone 4S. The popularity of the iPhone’s camera is such that Apple doesn’t really need to improve it, so the iPhone 5 should have the same MP count but possibly an improved sensor as was the case with the S3.

LTE and NFC are on the Samsung Galaxy S3, so that users can make payments on the fly as well as benefit from faster data speeds. The iPhone 5 will most likely support both too. Interestingly, Samsung was recently quoted by the KoreaTimes as saying that if the iPhone 5 does come with 4G LTE, they would sue the fruit company. Samsung of course owns a large number of patents to do with LTE connectivity.

Given that the Samsung Galaxy S3 launched first, you would think that it would be safe from lawsuits if the iPhone 5 had any resemblances. However that is not exactly true. It all comes down to which company, Samsung or Apple, has the bigger patent portfolio.

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