Consumer Reports: iPhone 5 Awesome But Galaxy S3 Still Better

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Consumer Reports have finally gone ahead and published their test of the latest iPhone 5. The authority in product testing said that the iPhone 5 is a winner on the smartphone market. However as NBC News points out, in the press release Consumer Reports said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is still king of the smartphone market.

Consumer Reports recommends iPhone 5 but says Samsung Galaxy S3 still winner

Consumer Reports awarded the device the much coveted recommended badge thanks to the iPhone 5 being lighter, thinner and having more screen space. The improved specs put it ahead of the majority of handsets on the market at the moment.

They said that the iPhone 5 camera was the best there was on a device, apart from the PureView of the Nokia Lumia phones. On the downside they said that in low light the camera wasn’t quite as good as Apple has promised it to be.

Another downfall was the noise cancelling, which Apple had made a lot of fuss about during the iPhone 5 launch. Reviewers thought that Apple has overblown this and that it didn’t really affect the quality of calls.

Apple maps was called streamlined, however it failed to impress due to lack of customisation and details. However it was understood that Apple were working hard on these and said that they should not be the deal breaker when deciding whether or not to get the device.

While the Samsung Galaxy S3 is still the king of smartphones, both devices have gotten a solid recommendation from Consumer Reports, so the ultimate deciding factor may just come down to with OS you are more comfortable with.

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