Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: 6 Color Choices vs Just 2?

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The launch for the Apple iPhone 5 is just days away on the 12th of September and excitement is building up along with rumors about the specs and features. One rumor that hasn’t been given much attention is what color or colors the handset will be released in and if fans want to see the device offered in new colors.

iPhone 5: Should Apple introduce more colors?

In the last day or two there have been new rumors surfacing over the sales figures of the iPhone 5 and it has been said that it may outsell the popular Samsung Galaxy S3. Expectations are high from Apple and analysts are predicting that it will be one of the largest upgrades to any product in history. If so then Apple will have to deliver something very special at their event in regards to a dramatic new design and a complete overhaul.

Back to the topic of color options, there are many people who might like a different choice other than black or even white. Bright colours would allow people to be different. At the moment the only colours you can get an iPhone in are black or white, wouldn’t it be nice if you could choose black and gold, white and blue or gun metal grey? The iPhone 5 may be a great selling device but it could be even better if consumers had a wider choice over colors, especially given the number of units expected to be sold.

Take for instance the Samsung Galaxy S3 which launched in two color options – pebble blue and marble white. Since then Samsung has announced 4 new colors including a striking Garnet Red and a very sleek Amber Brown. Do you think that more color options are needed for the iPhone 5 or should Apple stick with black and white?

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