iPhone 5 Or Samsung Galaxy S3: Best Holler For Your Dollar

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You can buy the Samsung Galaxy S3 cheaper than the iPhone 5, but will the price of an unlocked handset be enough to make people choose one way or the other? Let’s compare both devices to see what features you will get, dollar for dollar.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: best value for money feature-to-feature

Once the iPhone 5 catches up to demand in stores and online, the cost of the Samsung Galaxy S3 should drop even lower – it dropped some when the iPhone 5 was unveiled on September 12, and again when the Galaxy Note 2 was announced.

Now according to PopHerald, retailers are promising the unlocked iPhone 5 16GB handsets for between $750-800, the 32GB models for $850 and the 64GB models for almost $950. The Samsung Galaxy S3 costs between $600-650 for an unlocked 16GB, and the 32GB ranges from $690-720. By next month the 16GB Samsung Galaxy S3 is predicted to drop to as low as $550-580. This will mean the Samsung Galaxy S3 which is already cheaper than the iPhone 5 could end up costing a fraction of the Apple phone – the mid-sized 32GB models will differ in price by almost $300. So it is cheaper now and will be much cheaper next month. However can the Samsung Galaxy S3 rival the iPhone 5 in terms of features and specs?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a quad-core chip with 1GB of RAM, an amazing 4.8” screen and an 8MP camera. Although it’s stuck on Android Ice Cream Sandwich, an update to Jelly Bean can’t be too far away. The US version has a powerful dua-core processor and 2GB RAM.
The iPhone 5 has an A6 chip with worldwide LTE support, a 4” Retina display and its new iOS 6. It too has an 8MP camera, which has been improved since iPhone 4S. The US version is available on all the LTE-supporting networks.

Samsung reckon that the Galaxy S3 will have sold more than 30 million units by the year’s end – outselling any other Android device, including the S2. The iPhone 5 is now the most popular iPhone, with 2 million pre-orders in just 24 hours after its release – double the number of 4S pre-orders. Apple estimates that it’ll shift 10 million before October.

If we can see that both phones are evenly matched specs-wise, then the lower price of the S3 means it’s the best bargain if you’re in the market for high-end smartphones and don’t wish to sacrifice any features. In fact the Samsung Galaxy S3 has some added features over the iPhone 5 which include NFC, wireless charging, removable (and larger) battery, and of course the expandable storage underneath that huge display.

If you want a contract, the Samsung Galaxy S3 beats the iPhone 5 here, too. Looking at basic models, the cheapest iPhone 5 around so far is Walmart’s $189.99 16GB version. Over on Amazon, the 16GB Samsung Galaxy S3 is available for $99 on contract and T-Mobile is having its “no money down” bonanza from next week. This offer means you could bag a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 for free on a two-year plan.

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