iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3: Samsung Stunned By Unfavorable Scores?

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Even before the iPhone 5 was out everyone reckoned it’d knock a few spots off the Samsung Galaxy S3. Even the CEO of Foxconn told people to wait for the iPhone 5 to come, otherwise they’d regret blowing their money on the Samsung Galaxy S3. Was he right?

iPhone 5 hits Samsung Galaxy S3 right in the benchmarks

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is an amazing handset, there’s no denying this, and on paper it trounces the iPhone 5 – Samsung always hits heavy on the hardware, and few can come close to it.

So, when you look at the specs, the Samsung Galaxy S3 outclasses the iPhone 5 – it has a bigger display, quad-core processor, more RAM, and more flexible software. However, if you look at benchmark tests, you’ll see a different story.

PCMag tested both phones in a Geekbench benchmark test recently and saw that the iPhone 5 is more powerful that the S3. Yup…you heard right. Apple went for the jugular by packing some hefty hardware under the hood – so much so that the iPhone 5 won in almost every one of PCMag’s test. We didn’t expect Apple to do this as its OS manages to get by smoothly on less than stellar hardware (case and point iPhone 4S and iOS 6). However it looks like Apple saw this coming and didn’t want to put up with the hardware bullying of Samsung for the next year or so.

Benchmarks can be a bit skittish though, and both phones do run on different platforms. This fact has never stopped Samsung from proclaiming its “brawn over brand” superiority over Apple.

The iPhone 5 is the fastest iPhone yet – although we don’t know if it’s the fastest smartphone yet. If you’re after a new phone then you should look beyond the benchmarks and think about all the other factors, like OS, day-to-day ease of use, costs, design and so on.

You can have all the benchmark test results you want, but user experience tends to cloud them. Every iPhone user will attest to this. One thing you may notice is that Jelly Bean is faster than ICS, but because it has a fancy folder-opening animation routine, folders take longer to open on JB than on ICS. You might like this, or it may irritate the life out of you and feel slow.

Regardless of this, if the benchmarks are accurate, and the iPhone 5 is faster and better than the Samsung Galaxy S3, Apple may finally have found a way to neutralize those techies who always put the iPhone hardware down on benchmark sites.

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