Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: An Easy Kill? (Benchmarks)

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Well before the release of the iPhone 5 people were saying that the new device from Apple would take the shininess of the Samsung Galaxy S3. When Samsung’s new handset hit the market the CEO of Foxconn started telling people to wait for the iPhone 5, as otherwise, you would regret wasting your money on the Samsung Galaxy S3. So was he right?

iPhone 5 hits Samsung Galaxy S3 where it hurts the most – in the hardware

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a superb handset and according to the specs it should blow the iPhone 5 clean out of the water. After all this is what Samsung always bets on, powerful hardware that can’t be matched.

When you look at the specs on paper the answer is clearly yes. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has the larger display; it has powerful hardware and software that is more flexible than that of the iPhone 5. However if you take the benchmark tests into account this tells another story.

PCMag recently tested both handsets and they found that the iPhone 5 is more powerful than the S3. That’s right, it appears that if PCMag’s results are correct, Apple went straight for the kill by sticking including some surprises under the hood. They carried out the same benchmark tests on both handsets and in almost every one, the iPhone 5 beat the Samsung Galaxy S3, and it beat it easily.

On saying this benchmarks are known to be unpredictable and the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 run on different platforms of course. However this has never stopped Samsung in the past who have always taken advantage of this and boasted its brawn over the brand power that is Apple’s iPhone.

The iPhone 5 is faster than any previous version, whether it is the fastest device in the smartphone market as PCMag are saying, is debatable. Of course if you are looking to buy a device then you should not just go on what benchmarking results say. There are numerous other things to consider which relate to everyday use of the device. The cost of the device should be taken into account along with the OS, features, the design and the display quality.

Numbers don’t add up to much in everyday use of course as it comes down to user experience. For example Jelly Bean is faster than ICS when running on the Samsung Galaxy S3, however it takes fractions of a second longer to open folders. This is due to the fact that Jelly Bean and TouchWiz have new animations for opening folders; this could change your perception of whether the device is slower.

That being said, if the benchmarks are accurate and the Samsung Galaxy S3 is no competition to the iPhone 5, then Apple has managed to find the easiest way to put a stop to all the remarks about iPhone hardware being behind Android.

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