iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Why S3 Doesn’t Lose

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The iPhone 5 has been dogged by comparisons to the Samsung Galaxy S3, with its camera, display and browsing speeds falling under the closest scrutiny. The iPhone 5 has got some amazing hardware under the hood, and some benchmark tests have actually had it beating the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Phone 5: why S3 isn’t losing like other Androids of its time

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the year’s best seller, but four of its five best-selling weeks came just atrer the release of the iPhone 5. It’s sold many more than 30 million handsets now, and knocked the iPhone 4S clean off the top spot. In the UK, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the most popular phone, followed by the iPhone 4S and then the S2. Just why is the S3 so popular? Why is it standing so firm against the competition?

Benchmarks are great, but they’re only part of the story – they don’t measure a phone’s all-round smarts.

Smartphones now have to recognise voices, take videos and stills – at the same time – make wireless payments, browse the web and even call people! This is where the iPhone 5 starts to falter, as it doesn’t exert itself enough. It is in fact one of the most basic top-end phones, as it’s not as customisable as the Samsung Galaxy S3. iOS 6 is a lot more narrow and restrictive than a 2012 operating system should be.

The pre-launch rumours about the iPhone 5, like the holographic keyboard and video projector, showed us how Apple fans still love innovation and showing off. However, we now look to Samsung for innovation, and we’re not disappointed. You get widgets like the one that lets you stop texting and just call the person by lifting the phone to your ear. The Samsung Galaxy S3 tracks your eyes so that it knows when you’re not looking at it anymore, then dims the screen to save battery. You can also use NFC and MHL, and charge wirelessly.

You can customise your Samsung Galaxy S3 until it suits you perfectly, with ROMs, keyboards, launchers and loads of other widgets. You can see how robust, top-notch hardware can enhance your life if the software backs it up. Apple decided to stay streamlined, which needed a good few sacrifices. However, cook these days doesn’t mean sparse – people are using their smartphones as PCs and MP3 players, as well as satnavs and DVD players. Restriction just isn’t right anymore.

Of course the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 are both amazing pieces of kit, and both deserve their market positions. Samsung has steamed on ahead in innovation now – people are now happy to tussle with Android, as they know they’ll reap the rewards.

OK, the Samsung Galaxy S3 isn’t as stunning as the iPhone 5, but it has the features and flexibility to stay on top for a bit longer.

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