Why Apple’s Biggest iPhone Fanboy Switched To An S3

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Guy Kawasaki is one of the biggest Apple fans. In the past he has relentlessly promoted Apple and in the 80s he helped to create what is known as the Cult of Mac. Fanboys of Apple typically cannot stand Android and even Steve Jobs once said that he would start a “thermonuclear war” against the Android operating system. He believed back then that the OS was a rip-off of Apple’s OS.

Apple’s first fanboy, Kawasaki, now owns a Samsung Galaxy S3

Many Apple fans sneer at Google’s operating system and consider it to be stupid, ugly and a low class knock off of an idea for Apple. So what’s all this about Kawasaki being a fan of Android?

It seems that he has turned his back on Apple and he hasn’t used products of Apple for around a year. He said that people were amazed by the fact that he doesn’t use any products with iOS any more. He went on to say that he fell in love with Android when he got a smartphone and then he starting using Android on the Nexus 7. The slogan of Apple, Think Different, relates more to using Android today, he said.

Apparently he loves the Nexus 7 tablet so much that he wasn’t tempted into going back to Apple when they recently introduced their iPad Mini in October. He said that Apple had not added anything compelling so there was no reason to switch to Apple.

Of the Android phone, he said that he was able to get 4G LTE with it and he wanted to know why Apple, who claims to be leading edge, still use a network that is around 10 to 20 times slower.

Of course he was talking about devices before the launch of the iPhone 5, as this comes with LTE support. However he said that the iPhone 5 didn’t tempt him to go back either as Android was better.

His first move to Android came by way of the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx, however his choice of phone is now the Samsung Galaxy S3.

So just what is it about Android that made him move? He loves NFC support, true multi-tasking and the chance to see apps listed alphabetically.

Another thing that he likes is the fact that you can use any cable and you are not stuck with the Lighting cable.

He said that he wasn’t using Android due to the fact that it was cheaper.  He just simply prefers to use Android over iOS.

It seems that he is not the only one either. Android owns 75% of the share in the smartphone market and they are taking tablet shares too.

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