iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3: Old Reliable vs New Hotness

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 has turned out to be a superb device for Samsung as it has been the best-selling device of 2012. Apple of course launched the iPhone 5 and this has also been a popular device that is in contention with the S3 for the top spot. So should you go for the Samsung Galaxy S3 with Android or the iPhone 5 with iOS 6?

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: OS is the deciding factor

Samsung estimated that they would sell around 30 million devices by the end of 2012. They have surpassed this as they sold this many in just 150 days of the device being released. Today the handset sells at 200,000 units per day. The iPhone 5 on the other  hand sold around 5 million within just five days of it being on the shelves, and now being available in 50 additional countries since last month it should be accelerating.

When it comes down to hardware in the two handsets there is not a great deal to criticize as they are very well matched. Therefore you may have to put the choice of the devices down to the OS, which of course is Android Jelly Bean or iOS 6. So we will be looking at this aspect.

iOS 6 happens to be the most stable of the two and Android is known to be the more flexible . iOS 6 has the popular App Store and this means a wide choice of high quality apps. Android has the (slightly) smaller Google Play Store; however the OS itself comes with numerous extras from Google and in this case Samsung. Samsung extras include Smart Stay, TouchWiz, Direct Call and more.

iOS 6 “just works” out of the box of course and therefore customisation is not so robust. Here all users have to do is make the choice of which wallpaper and ringtone they want, and that’s about it. Android however is more flexible thanks to things like custom launchers, ROMs, keyboards and widgets. So in the end the choice is down to whether you want customisation or you want something that is stable and streamlined.

The iPhone 5 comes with a great ecosystem and there is no denying that it is fast, however the Samsung Galaxy S3 has all that you could ever want with customisation, but the downside is stability and it comes with the steeper learning curve.

You also have to bear in mind whether you want a device on or off contract. If you want it unlocked off contract then the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the cheapest of the two devices as the price has dropped since it was launched. The iPhone 5 still stands strong at $650.

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