iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3: 2 Phones To Rule Them All

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There may be many handsets on the market at the moment and there are new ones coming out almost every week.However anyone looking for a new device chooses their phone based on the fact that they think it is the best device on the market. At the moment two of the biggest attention grabbers are the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3. So which of these two superb handsets should be given the title of the very best?

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3

More than 5 million iPhone 5 handsets have been sold when it went on sale over the first weekend. On the other hand Samsung have sold more than 20 million units of the Galaxy S3 during the first 100 days of the device being out, and now have topped the 30 million mark.

Both of the devices look great, especially in white. Some people choose the Samsung Galaxy S3 due to its curves, while others prefer the straighter lines of the iPhone 5 and prefer its more portable dimensions.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a display of 4.8 inches and the iPhone 5 has a display that has been boosted to 4 inches. The Galaxy S3 has a slight curve to the back and some people say this makes the handset easier to hold. On the other hand some people have said that the device is too large.

The iPhone 5 has what I would call the perfect balance with its 4 inch display. It is also the lightest of the handsets, but it is not as comfortable to hold as the S3. The thin edges of the iPhone 5 can make the device feel uncomfortable when holding it to the ear.

The iPhone 5 is the thinner of the handsets at 7.6mm and the Samsung Galaxy S3 is 8.6mm. The iPhone 5 tends to feel a little more fragile than the S3 and the back used to be glass and is now made of aluminium. Overall the Samsung Galaxy S3 does seem as though it would take rougher handling better than the iPhone 5 can.

The iPhone 5 has the Retina screen of 1136 x 640, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 has the Super AMOLED display of 1280 x 720 HD. The S3 screen provides deeper blacks, more vibrant colors and is larger in size. The iPhone 5 screen advantages include more realistic colors, higher ppi and better viewing under direct sunlight.

You can talk longer on the Samsung Galaxy S3 as it offers around 790 hours on stand-by and up to 11.4 hours talking. With the iPhone 5 you would perhaps get 8 hours of talking and 225 hours on stand-by. The iPhone 5 has 1GB of RAM, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with 2GB of RAM. Both are dual core processors and perform almost equally well on benchmark tests.

One of the biggest differences to the two handsets is their operating systems. Of course this is dependent on personal preference. The iPhone 5 comes with iOS 6 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 has ICS, and now there is an update to Jelly Bean. If you want the easier of the two, it is the iPhone 5. If you don’t mind spending some time tinkering with the device so as to customize it to your needs, go for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

There are many other devices on the market at the moment; however the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 seem to be two of the most popular and they may continue to rule over rivals until the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 6 comes out. The battle of the best will then start all over again.

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