iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3: Why iPhone Can’t Touch S3

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When the iPhone 5 came out, people compared it to the Samsung Galaxy S3, especially in terms of camera, screens and browsing speeds. The iPhone 5 has amazing hardware and has finally managed to beat the S3 hardware benchmarks in some respects – a first in the age-old battle between iPhones and Galaxy S phones. Still, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is selling better than ever. Samsung went as far as to say that the 4 of the best S3 sales weeks have been right after the iPhone 5 launch.  The Samsung Galaxy S3 has sold more than 30 million units and has ousted the iPhone 4S as the best-seller of 2012. It’s the UK’s most popular handset at the moment, with the iPhone 5 second and the S2 third. So what is the Samsung Galaxy S3’s X-Factor? What makes it stand head and shoulders above other Androids and even send shivers down the spines of Cupertino’s big wigs?

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Why S3 is no pushover

One factor is that people still believe, despite benchmarks tests showing the contrary, that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is better than the iPhone 5. Being powerful is great, but being smart is even more crucial – benchmark tests only look at speed, they don’t look at smartness or “personality”.

Today’s smartphones have to do more than just browse the internet, recognize voices, make calls, take photos and films. They make wireless payments, feature more ways to connect to other enviroments and change the way we normally interact with devices. This is where the iPhone 5 falters – to the extent that it’s the most basic of all the top-end smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S3 just has more extras than the iPhone 5. It also offers more customization, with iOS 6 being too restrictive in this day and age.

There were loads of iPhone 5 rumours before Apple announced it, about a holographic keyboard and video projector among – and this got Apple fans all excited. Obviously these didn’t happen, but the rumours showed that Apple fans still crave innovation no matter how out there some of them may seem at first.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a lot of innovative features for the eager smartphone consumers who consider their smartphone the swiss-army knife of electronics. If you want a screenshot, just swipe your palm over the screen. If you’re writing a text and decide to call the person instead, just hold the phone up to your ear and the handset will make the call. The Samsung Galaxy S3 also monitors your eyes to see when you look away from the screen, and when you do it dims to save power. You can also charge wirelessly, use NFC and MHL, as well as use custom ROMs, launchers and keyboards.

It’s obvious, then, that the Samsung Galaxy S3 may be criticized for not being as “smooth” as iOS. Even with some serious hardware under the hood it usually has its hands full. The iPhone 5 is powerful, but its functionality is harnessed – some say excessively – into the steamlined thrall of iOS 6.

Both phones have their place, but it’s the Samsung Galaxy S3 that’s busting out and innovating, and may well be why buyers are willing to navigate the maze of Android rather than saunter over the smooth plain of iOS 6 on the iPhone 5.

The phones are evenly matched in hardware, but the extra features of the Samsung Galaxy S3 give it the edge. It’s not a stunner, like the iPhone 5, but the extras are turning out to be the stick that is beating – and will probably continue to beat – Apple on a regular basis.

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