iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3: Another Way To Look At It

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Samsung are among the top makers of smartphones on the market right now and their Galaxy S3 device has helped them to dominate sales this year. It seems that despite the hype that surrounded the release of the iPhone 5, people never got enough of the charming Samsung Galaxy S3.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung thought that they would sell 30 million units of the Galaxy S3 by the end of 2012, however they did just this within 150 days of the handset launching. They are selling around 200,000 units every single day. However this is not as many as 5 million that Apple was able to sell of the iPhone 5 in a period of five days from its release.

In the opinion of PopHerald, Android and the Samsung Galaxy S3 happen to offer more in comparison to what the iPhone 5 does with iOS 6. This doesn’t relate just to features like Smart Stay, Direct Call and TouchWiz, although these do help. Android is all about customisation and this includes widgets, which make life a great deal easier.

iOS on the other hand doesn’t provide this level of customization however what it lacks for in this it makes up for with stability of the system. The system of Apple just works, without the need for tweaking. The same cannot be said for Android. This is one of the main reasons why people love iOS, along with the wide range of apps available.

The iPhone 5 is very fast and it comes with looks to die for, along with an ecosystem that is solid. The Samsung Galaxy S3 on the other hand comes with more bells and whistles and customization options that see no end. It is also cheaper when you buy it contract-free. So keep this in mind if you’re trying to decide between these two smartphones and their equally matched specs leaves you gridlocked.

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