iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Why S3’s Still So Hot

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As soon as the Apple iPhone 5 was released people began to compare it with the Samsung Galaxy S3. The camera, display and browsing speeds were all under scrutiny. The iPhone 5 does come with some powerful hardware and according to some benchmark tests, it has beaten the S3 in a couple of occasions.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3

However the S3 remains one of the best-selling devices of 2012 and it had 4 of its 5 best-selling weeks following the launch by Apple of the iPhone 5. Overall Samsung have sold more than 30 million units of the device already and it took the title away from the iPhone 4S as the best-selling handset in 2012. Today it remains the most popular device in the UK, with the iPhone 5 in 2nd place and the S2 following behind.

So what is it about the Samsung Galaxy S3 that makes it such a popular handset among the other Android devices on the market and why is its popularity remaining strong despite already been on the market for half a year now?

The iPhone 5 may be the faster of the two handsets on benchmarks. However many people still think that the S3 is the better of the two. While smartphones have to be fast, they also have to be smart and this is a side of the story that benchmark tests cannot reveal.

Today’s handsets have to make phone calls, however they also have to be able to allow users to browse the net, have voice recognition, record video and pay for things. These “extras” is what has the iPhone 5 fall behind Galaxy S3 and why it is frequently dubbed the most simplest of powerful smartphones. One of the biggest things that is lacking on the iPhone 5 is customisation. The Samsung Galaxy  on the other hand is packed with it. There are many that believe iOS is far too restrictive and it has more limits imposed on it then a device should in 2012.

Rumours were flying around about the iPhone 5 before its release with some people believing that it would have a keyboard that was holographic and a video projector. Neither of these were a reality, but the rumours had shown us that fans of iOS and the iPhone wanted something that was innovative given the hype the rumor carried.

Then along came the Samsung Galaxy S3 and it had all the bells and whistles that tech lovers could want. Often it’s the little things that count and the S3 proves this as one feature is how easy it is to take a screen shot on the S3. All you need to do is swipe your hand over the display. If you are texting a contact and then choose to call them instead, all you have to do is bring the device up to your ear. The S3 can dim the display when you are not looking at it as it knows when you turn away from the display (tracks eyeball movement). It also comes with wireless charging and it supports NFC, MHL and more.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 can be customised with widgets, ROMs, keyboards and launchers. All of these things prove what can be accomplished when you have superb hardware. Of course Apple chose to streamline their, functions are more limited than with the S3. Given that nowadays everyone relies on their smartphone as their portable computer, MP3 player, GPS navigator and even tablet, there is no reason that smartphone makers should slow down innovation.

Both handsets are superb and they each deserve their place on the market. Samsung however continue on when it comes to innovation and bringing out new features on devices. Smartphone owners will put up with the quirks associated with Android and the fact that Android has the steeper learning curve, for this reason.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 doesn’t have the great looks of the iPhones 5, nor is it as thin or light, however it is able to compete with the iPhone 5 thanks to the added features, and this is also why it remains a hot seller many months on.

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