iPhone 5 Would Knock The Socks Off Samsung Galaxy S3 With These Set Of Features, Too Bad It’s Unlikely

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If Apple could pull off only half of what this video of the iPhone 5 shows is possible, it would knock the socks of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and other competitors.

iPhone 5 concept video too good to be true

Everyone began drooling when this latest concept video surfaced showing what the iPhone 5 may be capable of producing. However, while what the video showed is not likely to happen with the iPhone 5, it could be possible sometime in the future. One of the things which made people gasp was the transparent display on the device. This was like looking through a mirror which had been polished perfectly and it would be a great backdrop to the phone.

The laser keyboard was another feature highlighted in the video. This would be a godsend for anyone who has trouble with their eyes or who has large fingers. Along with the new design features, the concept video showed iPhone apps running on the device, such as Instagram and Siri. The video is certainly one of the most mouth-watering of iPhone 5 predictions circling the internet at the moment.

It has to be said that Samsung are leading in the development of new display technology for smartphones at the moment. With this in mind they could possibly develop a screen for a future iPhone. At the moment, they supply the superb Retina display seen on the current iPhones. Last year they also showed off a prototype of a flexible display, however this has yet to make it into production despite speculations suggesting it was going to be featured on the Samsung Galaxy S3. Well enough chatter, check out the video below.

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