Why Wait For iPhone 5 Announcement Even If You Don’t Want One

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Waiting for the iPhone 5 to be released is a no-brainer for Apple fans even if they want the latest iPhone model or note. Here’s why. The iPhone 4S is now being offered with price drops as retailers get ready to clear the shelves of stock to make room for the next generation iPhone 5. However rather than give in and take them up on their generous offers you should instead wait.

iPhone 5: why you should wait for it to debut

One of the main reasons for hanging on and not giving in to temptation is that no one really knows just what is in store for us with the iPhone 5. There are some that think the new iPhone 5 will be the best and nothing short of amazing, but then many disagree. One thing is for sure is that it cannot hurt to hang on.

If you wait then you will have a much better idea what your options are regarding an iPhone. After seeing the phone at the press conferences you will have an idea about whether the iPhone 5 is worth shelling out money for. If it isn’t then you will still win as once the phone is out retailers will cut down the price of the iPhone 4S even more and you will make even bigger savings on the device.

This therefore is a win-win situation; there is no way that you can lose out. You can compare the new iPhone 5 with the likes of the Galaxy S3 and other devices coming out and still turn back and choose the iPhone 4S, if that’s your best option. Furthermore, if the iPhone 5 does in fact beat all the top smartphones on the market (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One X) then expect carriers to possibly drop the price of those devices to in order to make up for the lessened demand.

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