The iPhone 5 Just Can’t Get A Break

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Market research has shown us that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has once again taken the top spot for the 7th month in a row in terms of sales and has beaten the iPhone 5, which comes in 3rd place right behind the iPhone 4S in November.

iPhone 5 trails behind both Samsung Galaxy S3 & iPhone 4S in sales charts

The uSwitch research was carried out in the UK and showed that for eight months now the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been the most popular handsets in the UK.

Along with the Samsung Galaxy S3 continuing its success, it has helped Samsung to be dominant over the remainder of handsets, as they took five spots in the chart. Sony, HTC and LG managed to get one device each into the top phone list, and Apple was in with their iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

Many people might have thought that the iPhone 5 would in 2nd place to the Samsung Galaxy S3, however this wasn’t so. It was the iPhone 4S that came behind the flagship handset of Samsung in November, with the iPhone 5 only managing 3rd place. The iPhone 4S price has dropped since Apple released the iPhone 5 and now fans can save around $50 to $80 when purchasing the 4S. This could explain why the iPhone 4S beat the iPhone 5.

Apple have been hurt by problems with production of the iPhone 5 and some people may have gone for the 4S instead of having to wait for many weeks to get their hands on the latest version. However stock issues have now been solved so we could expect things to look different for the iPhone 5 in December, hopefully.

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