Samsung Galaxy S3 Still Selling Quicker Than iPhone 5 [REPORT]

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Samsung recently announced that their Galaxy S3 shattered the 30 million sales barrier and hence continues to sell strong. Now the folks over at Strategy Analytics report that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the world’s best selling device this quarter.

Samsung Galaxy S3 takes best-selling phone title from iPhone

Their figures have shown that Samsung have sold around 18 million units of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in Q3. This is in comparison to the 16.2 million devices of the iPhone 4S that Apple has managed to sell in the same time period. The Galaxy S3 has taken a share globally of 10.7% compared to the iPhone 4S at 9.7%.

You also have to bear in mind that the sales of the iPhone 4S were somewhat affected when Apple launched the iPhone 5 during Q3. The latest iPhone is said to have sold over 6 million units, which has helped to take a share of 3.6% in the global phone market.

However the question is will Samsung be able to hang onto the crown? The iPhone 5 launch was very close to the end of Q3 and Apple did have problems in supplying handsets at first.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 meanwhile continue to sell well and in the last 2 months Samsung have managed to sell 10 million handsets and in total more than 30 million devices in 2012. The question now is can the iPhone 5, which is now readily available, catch up and rise as the S3 did?

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