iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Samsung Still No.1!

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Now that November is here, analysts are once again looking into the statistics of some of the more popular handsets. In the UK the Samsung Galaxy S3 keeps proving to be one of the most wanted and it has retained the top spot for half the year. The iPhone 5 is now out and this has gained just three places in the last month in the UK and has failed to knock the S3 from the top spot.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: S3 holds on to top spot in UK

These statistics take many figures into consideration. These include live searches made on the handsets online, pre-orders and monthly sales. The question on the lips of tech gurus now is which handset will take the top place over the shopping season, or which can knock the Samsung Galaxy S3 from its perch? There are many handsets coming out and some which have just been revealed. These include the Nokia handsets with Windows Phone 8.

The Blue version in 16GB is the most popular Samsung Galaxy S3 at the moment and takes the top spot, with the iPhone 5 in black at 16GB being in second place. Last month the Galaxy S3 was in first place with the iPhone 5 in 3rd place, however bear in mind that the iPhone 5 was only launched in September. Which of the devices will take the number one spot over the Christmas period will be interesting to see given that a recent report showed that the 4 of the 5 best sales weeks for the S3 came about AFTER the iPhone 5 launched.

The Galaxy S3 is one of Samsung’s most successful devices running Android to date and they show that at the moment it is UK’s most popular device.

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