iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3: S3 Is A Hunk o’ Cheapo Plastic [PJ]

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The analysts Piper Jefferies reckon that the iPhone 5 is a sure seller after spending a weekend with it. They say that Apple has brought out a phone that makes the Samsung Galaxy S3 look like a cheap and tacky “hunk of plastic”, quotes eWeek.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5

Misek of PJ found that the iPhone 5 felt natural and comfortable when held to the ear, but that the Samsung Galaxy S3 felt like “a waffle” there. He also bigged up the iPhone 5 for being easy to handle with just one hand – no-one would say this about the S3.

The iPhone 5 has some good aspects, like LTE, Siri and its A6 processor, but there are some negatives. Apple Maps is one such downside – it really has been blasted. The app couldn’t even find the address of the analyst! The lack of NFC is another disappointment, obviously. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has NFC, and has lots of impressive features that are also fun. AND it has Google Maps, so yah-boo, sucks to you, Cupertino! Sorry couldn’t help it.

The analyst talked about a relative who has gone for an iPhone 5 after being with BlackBerry for a decade. This relative was amazed at how easy the change had been. The person liked the vast choice of apps, their quality and the smaller bill – down by $10 each month. The build quality of the iPhone 5 was way better than the BlackBerry’s, and the screen was lots brighter. The analyst reckons that Apple might be able to mop up the customers that leak out of RIM due to the simplicity of transitioning to an iPhone.

Jefferies is predicting 26 million sales of the iPhone 5 in Q3 – up a bit from the 23 million they estimated on the back of the 10 million it has already sold.

PJ also thinks that the iPad Mini will be out this month, and so have curtailed their forecasts for the iPad 2 from 12 million to six million. They think the iPad Mini will sell eight million or so up to Q4.

The iPhone 5 will be the best-selling phone in electronic goods history despite the problems, thinks Jefferies. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is still selling well, though, judging by reports from September.

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