Samsung Galaxy S3 Beats iPhone 5, Here’s 50 Reasons Just Why!

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The battle is on between the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 and it is fierce. For those deciding between the two handsets, this battle makes it harder to choose. Of course there are die-hard Apple fans who will buy the iPhone 5 regardless of specs and features, and the same applies to fans of the Galaxy S series. If you’re on the fence, check out the video at the bottom which gives 50 reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S3 is better than the iPhone 5. Yes that’s right, 50!

Video: 50 reasons why Samsung Galaxy S3 is better than iPhone 5

Samsung have put some innovative features into the Samsung Galaxy S3 including NFC and DLNA, and the device comes with a microUSB port, which is a plus. Then of course Android OS has widgets and live wallpapers. Notifications are better than ever with Jelly Bean and there is smart stay to ensure the display does not switch off when looking at it.

Multi-tasking is superb on the Samsung Galaxy S3 and it offers HD resolution that is true and superb voice controls. The browsing experience is rich, although not quite as fast as on the iPhone 5, but there is the option of desktop mode and browsing incognito.

The above are just a few of the areas where the Samsung Galaxy S3 excels over the iPhone 5 and why you might want to pick it over Apple’s latest. The full shebang is below courtesy of PhoneBuff.

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