iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3: S3 Just A Wodge Of Cheap Plastic

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Piper Jefferies reckons that Apple’s iPhone 5 will sell well after handling it for a few days. The analysts think that the iPhone 5 makes the Samsung Galaxy S3 look and feel like a “hunk of plastic”, reports eWeek.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: analyst reports

Misel said he found the iPhone 5 felt natural when up against his ear, but that the Samsung Galaxy S3 felt like a waffle. The iPhone 5 won praise for being easily handle-able – the Samsung Galaxy S3….errrr….hasn’t.

The iPhone 5 has lots of pluses, like its A6 processor, Siri and LTE. There are also some downsides, like Apple Maps, which has been slammed. The analyst looking at the maps couldn’t find his own address! There’s also no NFC. The S3 does have NFC, as well as other impressive features. It also has Google Maps.

The analyst revealed that a relative has defected to iPhone 5 after ten years with BlackBerry and was amazed at how seamless the change was. This relative liked the apps and their quality, and also the fact that his bill was $10 a month lower. The iPhone 5 build was way better than the BlackBerry and the screen was brighter. This leads the analyst to believe that Apple will pick up a lot of disenamoured RIM customers as well.

Jefferies thinks that Apple will sell around 26 million iPhone 5 units in Q3, up from the estimated 23 million. This figure is based on current sales of between eight and 10 million.

The iPad Mini is supposed to be out this month, and so Jefferies has recalibrated its expectations for iPad 2 sales from 12 million to six million. The iPad mini is expected to sell around eight million units in Q4.

The iPhone 5 will be the best selling electronic gadget ever, despite the hiccups, Jefferies thinks. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is still selling well, according to reports from last month.

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