Wait For iPhone 5 Or Jump To Android Already?

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With people wondering whether to go for the Samsung Galaxy S3 which is out now, or wait for the iPhone 5 (which is yet to receive an official release date), Maggie Reardon for CNET has been answering some questions from people who are torn on the topic.

Wait for iPhone 5 or go for Androids like Samsung Galaxy S3 & Galaxy Nexus?

First she contemplates the Samsung Galaxy S3 versus iPhone 5 and also the Nexus. She notes that if you are already using an Apple device, you may struggle with Android as you have certain apps already along with music, etc. which are not transferable to an Android device. Some things can be transferable but only if you go an awkward back-route which most people just do not have the time or knowledge to do. If you are one of these people – you should probably wait until Sept. or Oct. when the iPhone 5 likely to be released. If you are not bothered about this, then you have the choice between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Nexus which are worthy replacements for your Apple device. They are very similar, but the camera on the Nexus has been reviewed as nowhere near as good as the S3 in both megapixels and general quality.

Also the Nexus has no TouchWiz software as it is completely run by Google software. This means far more current updates, such as Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) due in July to the Nexus – the first phone to get it.

Android 4.1 has such additional/improved features as Google Now. TouchWiz on the other hand has S-Voice which is similar to Apple’s Siri, but is not as intuitive as Google Now in predicting things you need to know, and so on.

Reardon notes that both the S3 and Nexus software have their pros and cons, but Nexus has the edge. She also feels that the iPhone 5 is unlikely to beat in terms of updates (when the Nexus 4 by 2012-end, it will get priority of the Galaxy Nexus just like how the Nexus 7 just did).

The next question she addresses is about the delay in the release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 with certain carriers. Her answer is not definitive, but she got a statement from AT&T saying “the different times are a result of the supply chain issues they (Samsung) experienced.” This means that Samsung are not meeting demand and there simply aren’t enough devices to go around.

She also mentions that the fact the Galaxy S3 supports 4G LTE connectivity could also pose a problem as each carrier has a different frequency, so the devices for each carrier must be made slightly differently.

Another possible reason mentioned is that some carriers may “have worked out some kind of exclusive deal in an effort to differentiate themselves from the competition.” Hit the source link for CNET’s full take on choosing between the S3 and the upcoming iPhone 5.


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