iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: S3 Easily Beats Out The iPhone… On Paper That Is

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Every year without fail, Samsung target the latest iPhone in their marketing campaigns as a means of showing consumers how Apple’s products are inferior to theirs. This year Samsung have started an ad campaign comparing the iPhone 5 to the Samsung Galaxy S3, when they sent out a flyer which compared specs of the two devices. The flyer reminded everyone that the Galaxy S3 excels over the iPhone 5 in many ways, or at least they think it does.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5 ad shows how S3 excels

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is on the shelves now and so is the Apple iPhone 5, starting from today. Samsung have all the confidence in the world that their handset beats or matches the iPhone 5 when it comes to specs. Now the banner ad which they released says that on paper they do actually have the better handset.

Samsung sent out an ad with the title of “It doesn’t take a genius” and on it they have made a list of all the features of the S3 compared to those of the iPhone 5. The ad as you might expect is in the favor of Samsung. However it is not that hard to see that some of the features on the S3 do indeed beat those of the iPhone 5… but that has always been so when it comes to specs and the Galaxy S / iPhone battles.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with a much larger display than the iPhone 5, it has a larger amount of RAM, a resolution that is better and it offers more battery life than the iPhone 5. It also includes NFC and wireless charging. What does make people laugh is the bit that Samsung included about the new lightning connector, as they called it “a totally different plug”.

Some have called the comparison list unfair due to the fact that Samsung have listed only 13 of the iPhone 5 features when they have listed 27 of their own. Samsung had digs at the iPhone 5 for not having a removable battery and expandable storage as well, among other things.

What remains to be seen is how Apple will respond to the new ad campaign of Samsung. Given all the animosity between the two giants, we think they will.

Samsung Galaxy S3 ad

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