iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3: The “Tom & Jerry” Of Phones

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Everyone knows that Apple and Samsung are not the closest of friends. Samsung recently got told to pay $1 billion to Apple after it was found they had copied Apple’s patents. And now they have now taken their revenge in the form of an advert which doesn’t so much as advertise their product, but rather tells of the downfalls of the iPhone 5.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5 (Samsung’s latest ad)

The wording “It doesn’t take a genius” can be clearly seen on the ad and it goes on to provide a list of the features of the new iPhone 5, including a smaller screen, a battery that doesn’t last as long as it could and the fact that the device has less RAM in it. Alongside this there is a long list of the features of their Samsung Galaxy S3. The ad is currently running in newspapers and magazines throughout the US.

The ad shows the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 side by side along with specifications listed from Samsung. It shows people that the S3 comes with the same or even better specs than the new iPhone 5 and has a caption declaring that, “The next big thing is already here”, this is relating to the fact that the S3 is already on the market of course.

The ad reinforces the fact that Samsung are the leaders in the smartphone industry but it seems that Samsung are trying to muscle in on the hype surrounding the announcement of the iPhone 5.

According to the Korean Times, Samsung are about to announce the Samsung Galaxy S4 in Barcelona at an exhibition which is set for 25th to 29th February 2013. The reports also say that the Galaxy S4 will be in stores around March 2013 and it will have a 5 inch display and OLED tech. it would run on the 4G LTE network and have the latest Android OS. The device will come with the Exynos quad core processor.

The ad from Samsung makes one thing very clear and that is following the launch of their successful Galaxy S3 they are not going to sit back on their laurels when it comes to new product innovation so the iPhone 5 better watch out.

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