What iPhone 5 Needs For Galaxy S3 Users To Toss Their Androids Away

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The iPhone 5 launch has finally arrived and is now just a matter of hours away. We will then know if any of the rumors and leaks about the device is true. One of the biggest competitors to the new iPhone 5 will be the Samsung Galaxy S3. While we’ve seen the S3 sell like hotcakes, is it possible that S3 users would dump their devices for an iPhone 5 when it is finally revealed. CNET thinks it could happen if Apple plays its cards right. So what would it take to convert die-hard S3 users? 5 things according to CNET.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3: What iPhone 5 needs to turn S3 fans to Apple

The iPhone 5 would need to have 4G LTE as many of the latest Android handsets come with this, including the Samsung Galaxy S3. The iPhone 5 would then be able to use the fast networks for data and if Apple fail to have included support for this then the new handset would disappoint a lot of Apple fans too.

The device would need to have a charging port that was universal and SD card support if it was to win Samsung Galaxy S3 fans over. If rumors are Apple will be changing the port, but instead of USB it will be a 19 pin connector. So this wouldn’t win S3 fans either.

The handset needs to have a much larger screen to compete with Android devices on the market and in the pipeline. The display is rumored to be increasing to 4 inches, but Android fans would want at least a 5 inch screen on their device judging by the popularity of the S3.

Apple would need to work out Siri integration into apps such as Gmail and Google Calendar along with Chrome, if they wanted to win over Android consumers.

Fans of the Samsung Galaxy S3 might be tempted over to iOS 6 if Apple gave you the option of having replacement keyboards, such as Swype, custom launchers, and generally more customizability. iOS 6 has some 200 new features so we will just have to wait and see what they are.

So what do you think the chances are of Apple revealing any of the above in their new iPhone 5 at its launch tonight? Do you think Apple has any more surprises then what we’ve already seen from leaks?

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