iPhone 5 Is Expected to Beat Sales of Galaxy S3 By 200 Million

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While the Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most pre-ordered and popular handsets of 2012, when the iPhone 5 is launched it will beat the sales of the S3. And by just how much is what analysts are predicting in their latest report, explains tech blog Product-Reviews.

iPhone 5 Is Expected to Beat Sales of Galaxy S3 By 200 Million

Apple is estimated to sell around 250 million units of their upcoming iPhone 5 in comparison to the Galaxy S3 which Samsung projected to sell around 50 million. If this proves to be true then it would mean that no other handset would be able to compete with it.

One of the main reasons why Apple do so well with the sales of their devices is due to the great deal of hype that they generate well before they are launched. The closer the rumored release date comes the more rumors are generated and the more interest there is in the handset, despite the fact that no one really knows anything about it. And when it comes to the day of pre-orders, there is no describing just what kind of impact it has on the smartphone industry in terms of sales volumes.

Up to now the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been one of the most popular handsets of 2012 along with being the most pre-ordered. However if the hype of Apple is to be believed it could fall short of the sales of the latest generation iPhone 5 by a whopping 200 million. If this proves to be true what is so special about iPhones and why can’t other devices match the sales numbers?

Samsung for instance have more than one device in their stable, while Apple do not, they only have the 2012 iPhone. This could be one of the main reasons. So fans of iOS devices will solely be waiting for this time of year to make their upgrade, or at least take a gander at what Apple has in store before looking at other mobile choices.


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