Forget iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 Can’t Even Beat Previous Models Yet [Marketshare Survey]

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Despite the fact that one of the most pre-ordered handsets of 2012 in the Android category has been the Samsung Galaxy S3, in the US the iPhone 4S still holds the title of being ahead of the S3 when it comes to usage.

The ad firm Chitika has said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 saw a rise in the sales figures of Samsung since it was launched in the US and it has helped Samsung to gain presence in the smartphone market. However the report goes on to say that despite the Samsung Galaxy S3 being the leader of Android devices, it is still behind the iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S3 sales lead over iPhone 5 no threat to Apple’s crown

The report came about following a study of mobile ad impressions over the period of 18th June to 5th August 2012. It showed that the Samsung Galaxy S3 had surpassed Nexus which was released around the same time as the 4S and it is thought that as the holiday season approaches, interest in it will continue. According to the report the S3 represents 11.23% of Samsungs handset web usage.

The device with 2GB of RAM, 1280 x 720 display and 2100mAh battery put the phone in the lead of all Android devices but it could not match the popularity of the iPhone yet. Samsung are the closest rival that Apple has but it has just 0.24 impressions for each iPhone on the Chitika network.

With Apple getting ready to reveal the iPhone 5 this September it will be a very interesting contest in the market of smartphones towards the end of the year. Previously, tech gurus were criticizing Apple for the minor upgrade that the 4S was as well as mentioning that Apple was under pressure from the sales success of the S3 to go ahead and release the iPhone 5 early. However it appears that the iPhone 4S and its predecessors are holding on to marketshare quite well on their own.


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