iPhone 5 vs Galaxy Note 2: Samsung Clearly More Superior

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One of the strangest comparisons between two flagship handsets has to be the one between the iPhone 5 from Apple and the Galaxy Note 2 phablet from Samsung.

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The folks over at Sortable did just that only to find that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was more superior on paper. The comparison between the two handsets takes such as the display, the visual looks, performance and popularity into consideration. It shows that very often the raw specs of a device can be beaten by the sheer popularity of a handset shows Sortable.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is superior in features when compared to the iPhone 5. This is not just when it comes to iOS 6 and Android Jelly Bean. It is also about the size and resolution of the display, the memory and the processor. All of these have been classed as being better in the Note 2. However visually, the iPhone 5 won over the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with 53 points compared to the 41 for the Note 2 in the Sortable test.

The positive things about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 are a great deal longer than those for the iPhone 5. However the iPhone took 100 points for popularity against the 24 of the Note 2. If a device is popular then of course it is going to sell and so it seems that while Apple may not have the upper hand when it comes to specs, popularity means that they could beat the competition.

Many do prefer the looks of the iPhone 5 and this could be down to generations growing up with the iPhone and spending a lot of money on apps and music that they don’t want to lose. However problems with iOS 6 with such as the map app could lead to them losing some of this popularity. However all the seasoned iOS owners will know that one thing Apple is good at is fixing teething problems and fixing them fast with software updates.

The bottom line is that the comparison between the two devices is very interesting as it is comparing night to day. Both devices are designed for different markets and are worlds apart. If you don’t want to have to buy both a phone and tablet, then the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phablet is the ideal solution. For those that want to keep the two apart there is the iPhone 5 and the iPad.

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