iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Can’t Pick? Read This

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Anyone looking to update their older handset could be choosing between the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. This would be a tough choice to make as they are both superb devices.

Jelly Bean is installed on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, while the Apple iPhone 5 has the latest version of iOS 6. Both are great and they have their ups and downs. iOS 6 happens to be very stable and it is the easiest to learn. Devices running iOS 6 also come with resale value that is high. The App Store has more apps than Google Play Store and the apps are more polished. Apps that are paid in the App Store are often on Google Play with ads for free,

Android is always being improved upon and updated and Google revealed Jelly Bean with some major changes. Users may find it hard to make the move to it; however it is worth overcoming the difficulties. However updates to iOS are generally easy, and while it can be somewhat stifling; iOS is very hard to beat.

Android on the other hand is great for those who like to customise their handsets. It has many launchers, keyboards and widgets. Android doesn’t have to use iTunes for syncing. While if you choose iOS then all you can really change is the wallpaper and a ringtone.

Android updates tend to be slower than updates on the Apple iPhone 5, as Apple reveals them on a regular basis. The older handsets on Android can get left behind when it comes to updates. This is something that you could want to give some thought to if you are spending a lot of money on a device.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is ahead on specs when against the Apple iPhone 5 as it has the 5.5 inch screen, twice the speed for processing, along with twice the RAM. The device comes with a battery of 3100mAh, which again happens to be twice that of the Apple iPhone 5. It is the larger of the two devices and it does come with the S Pen. However the Apple iPhone 5 outclasses it as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 does have a plastic look body.

You could manage 35 hours talk time from the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 when using 2G and around 16 hours if on 3G. The handset also has SD card support and it comes with NFC, plus a removable battery. You cannot get these things with the Apple iPhone 5.

There is decent storage on the two devices, but the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is ahead thanks to it supporting SD card storage. Both of the handsets offer cameras of 8 megapixels, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comes with a 1.9 megapixel camera on the front. The Phone 5 has a camera of 1.3 on the front. Both handsets come with support for LTE and HSPA+.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 beats the Apple iPhone 5 with storage and its SD card option. It also wins on battery life, the display and the processor. The Apple iPhone 5 wins for design and price. It also wins for taking better photos in low light.

You can get either handset on any carrier within the US. The Apple iPhone 5 would cost $199 with a contract of two years. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is priced at $299 with a contract of two years. T-Mobile is set to offer the Apple iPhone 5 later in the year, but you will have to pay out full price for it as T-Mobile are doing away with subsidised plans.

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