Galaxy Note 2 vs iPhone 5: Horsepower vs Star-power

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The iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 are two of the most eagerly awaited smartphones of the moment, but how do they rate against each other?

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The Galaxy Note 2 is like a big Galaxy S3 – it’s 5.9” tall, is 0.37” thick and weighs 6.4oz. The iPhone 5 is much slimmer, and is the lightest iPhone to date, at 112g. Made from glass and aluminium, it looks great, but isn’t as sturdy or durable as the iPhone 4S.

The Note 2 comes with a 5.5” Super AMOLED display with a 1280x720p resolution, the same as the GS3, but because the Galaxy S3 is smaller, the screen looks lots better. You can’t complain about the Note 2’s screen, though, but if its resolution was higher it’d be fit to beat the Apple retina display.

The iPhone 5’s 4” retina display has a 1136×640 resolution, and because it’s IPS, colours seem real and soothing. It’s titchy compared to the Note 2’s screen, though, and some people will prefer the deep blacks and vibrant colours of the Note 2.

The Galaxy Note 2 has a 1.6GHz quad-core chip and 2GB of RAM. The iPhone 5 has a 1.2GHz chip and just 1GB of RAM.

The Note 2 runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, with TouchWiz and S-Pen apps. The iPhone 5 has the user-friendly iOS 6, which is incredibly streamlined. If you’re after customisation, though, you’ll need Android.

The Galaxy Note 2 is great for videos, and the video player is user-friendly. It also comes with a graphic equaliser. The iPhone 5 also has a good music player, with an equaliser, as well as new ergonomic noise-cancelling earpods.

Both phones have 8MP cameras that can take 1080p films. The iPhone 5 has a panorama mode, and Jelly Bean gives the note 2 a 360 degree mode as well. Battery life is always a problem with smartphones, and the Note 2 has a 3,100mAh battery. The iPhone 5’s 1,440mAh battery is weak, and needs frequent charging, so it’s a good job the Lightning charger does the job double-quick.

What you need in a phone will determine the phone you go for. If you’re after a huge display with amazing hardware and customisation options, you’ll need the Galaxy Note 2. If you just want an incredibly user-friendly OS, a stunning handset and a fab camera, you’ll want the iPhone 5.

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