iPhone 5 & Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Kings Of Their Domain

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The iPhone 5 has been launched in 9 countries and by the end of the year it will be in 100 markets. The handset is bound to be compared to some of the high end devices that are on their way and which are out at the moment. So how does the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which came out in late 2011 and still a king of the Android realm, compare to the iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

Both of the handsets have their good and bad points. The iPhone 5 is lighter and thinner than most of the phones on the markets. It comes with the latest iOS 6, its build quality is decent (would be excellent if it weren’t for the easily scuffed aluminum body), it supports 4G LTE and it has one of the best App Stores.

On the downside the iPhone 5 comes at a high price, the display is only 4 inches, it has Apple’s own maps, lacks NFC support and there is limited customization.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus on the other hand provides plenty of customisation thanks to the Android platform (e.g custom launchers, ROMs, keyboards, replacement apps, etc). It comes at a cheaper price than the iPhone 5, it has content from Google Play, supports NFC and MHL and it has Google Now smart search.

On the downside is its age, lack of support for SD card, poor battery when using LTE, a 5-megapixel camera, and some say that it is too big.

In conclusion which of the two devices is the most suitable would all depend on whether you are a fan of iOS or Android. Hardware comes in as secondary. It also comes down to how much you can afford and whether you want an unlocked handset or you want it on contract (Samsung Galaxy Nexus can be had for $399 while the iPhone 5 starts at around $650). The iPhone 5 is the best iPhone to date and it will sell very well. However if you an Android fan then the Nexus with stock Jelly Bean is hard to beat.

Given that most contracts span 2 years, getting a Samsung Galaxy Nexus or an iPhone 5 is the way to go if you want a device that will get the latest software updates for as long as possible.

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