Why Only A Nexus Can Defeat iPhone 5

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The iPhone 5 has been released and it is now on the shelves. However Apple is not alone in releasing a new device and the iPhone 5 will have competition form not only Android handsets, but also Windows Phone 8 devices.

What the next Nexus phone needs to take on the iPhone 5

The Droid Razr HD from Motorola will be coming out very soon and Samsung will have the Galaxy Note 2 on the shelves. There is also a rumor that Google will be announcing a new Nexus handset. While not much is known about the new Nexus, there is a rumor that Google may launch more than just one device with the Nexus name. It is thought that Google will do this to try and get people away from devices such as the iPhone 5 and the Nokia Lumia 920,Windows Phone 8 handset.

If the new Nexus handset is going to stand a chance against the iPhone 5, its biggest rival, then it needs to cover some bases first:

What the upcoming Nexus phone needs to challenge the iPhone 5

When the original Galaxy Nexus was introduced by Google, you could only get it with Verizon. Now people like choice and don’t want to be stuck with just one carrier. Google did launch a version on Sprint later in 2012, and of course there was the option of buying the GSM version of the device from Google Store at full price. However not everyone has money laying around to hand over for an unlocked phone. Therefore the new Nexus needs to be available on all the major carriers in the US simultaneously, so that people have choice. This includes AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. An unlocked phone may also be helpful if it can be priced at around $300. We already saw the sales impact the original Galaxy Nexus had when Google reduced its price to just $399.

Google have been very slow when it comes to offering updates. On Verizon owners of the Nexus waited more than a month to get a bug fix for their device, not to mention the fiasco for the update to Jelly Bean. Nexus devices should receive updates directly from Google, regardless of whatever carrier it is on. This is how it has been with the iPhone 5 after all.

Google may want to rethink the materials of their new Nexus device. Let’s face it, when you look at the Nexus it doesn’t shout out “premium”, and for the specs it is packing, it is no entry level device. It is nice; however the materials used on the design of the iPhone 5 make it look more like a premium device than the Nexus, despite both being top end devices..

The new Nexus could have better battery life as while the bug fix did help with the battery life, it could still be a lot better. Apple have been bragging about the battery life on the iPhone 5 and so Google need to step up and take notice and improve the battery on their new Nexus. After all, Android devices have a tainted reputation because of this very reason.

No one likes bugs in software and with this in mind Google may want to make sure Jelly Bean comes on the new Nexus, without any bugs. Those who purchased a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus last year had to deal with bugs for an extended period of time. If a bug is found, it should be addressed immediately as is the case with the iPhone. We’ve all seen how fast Apple rolls out updates whenever it finds out of any jailbreaks.

With so many Android smartphones out there, the Nexus series is seen as the official representation of the Android platform. So if Google wants Android to be taken seriously, it needs to start with the Nexus phones. They should become the benchmark by which other Android phones are designed off. The Nexus series has the opportunity to do this more than any other Android because:

1) It can guarantee timely updates like the iPhone 5 can.
2) Its hardware is designed specifically to get the best out of whatever software it launches with and also what coming up (Google knows what’s in the next Android update, not the manufacturers), again just like the iPhone.
3) It is free of bloatware (both carrier and manufacturer) just like the iPhone.

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