iPhone 5 vs Lumia 920: Nokia Wins By A Landslide

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There is a lot of buzz among the world of smartphones with the introduction of the iPhone 5 and the impending release of the Nokia Lumia 920 on the Windows Phone 8 platform. So will Apple be left with a bitter taste in their mouth when the Lumia 920 hits the shelves, or will the iPhone 5 have nothing to worry about?

iPhone 5 vs Nokia Lumia 920

Design: One of the first things you will notice is the fact that both of the devices are very gorgeous looking. The iPhone 5 is elongated but otherwise looks like the iPhone 4S and it is available in the choice of white or black. The Nokia Lumia 920 on the other hand has a polycarbonate body that is offered in an array of colours, including red, black and yellow. Given that the iPhone 5 design is almost identical to its predecessor from 2011, the iPhone 4, I’m going to give this one up to Nokia. However this is a matter of personal preference and some may find the iPhone more attractive. Winner: Draw

Screen: The displays of the two handsets also vary greatly. The iPhone 5 has a screen of 4 inches and of course it is the retina display and is 1136 x 640. The Nokia Lumia 920 has a display of 4.5 inched of PureMotion GD+ WXGA and the resolution of 1280 x 768. Nokia say that their display can be used with the fingernails and also when wearing gloves. It has twice the response rate and a higher ppi despite the screen being larger. Winner: Nokia Lumia 920

Camera: The cameras on the handsets differ too. The iPhone 5 has an 8 megapixel F2.4 that has been tweaked over the one of the 4S. The Nokia Lumia 920 however has an impressive camera of 8.7 megapixels, which comes with Carl Zeiss lens.  This is excellent for anyone who takes photos with shaky hands as you still get photos that are crystal clear. The camera also takes superb shots in low light conditions, even beating the iPhone 5 in this respect. Lastly there is an awesome feature called Lens apps which let you really exploit the capabilities of the camera. Winner: Nokia Lumia 920.

Connectivity: The iPhone 5 lacks wireless charging so a cable is needed but the Nokia Lumia 920 can be charged wirelessly or by USB cable. It also has support for NFC. The Lumia 920 also relies on the standard micro USB charger as compared to the new lightning connector for the iPhone 5. Both devices boast the usual 3G, LTE, Bluetooth & WiFi. Winner: Nokia Lumia 920.

Battery: The Nokia Lumia 920 boasts a 2,100mAh battery versus the 1,430mAh on the iPhone 5. It boasts 2 hours more talktime. Winner: Nokia Lumia 920

Apps: The iPhone 5 has access to the popular Apple App Store while the Nokia Lumia 920 will have to do with Windows Marketplace. While Nokia has loaded goodies like Nokia Maps into the Lumia 920 which beats Apple Maps, and it also supports Google Maps, the Apple App Store is still a winner due to sheer size and choice of apps. Winner: iPhone 5

Both are excellent choices of handsets, but on very different operating systems. Therefore the choice will come down to whether you prefer using iOS or Windows Phone 8. Given that iOS is more popular, Apple will not have to worry about the Nokia Lumia 920 at this time. However once the Windows Marketplace grows and the platform considered better established, WP8 devices will be a serious threat. Platforms aside, the Nokia Lumia 920 scored more points than the iPhone 5 in this comparison (4 points versus 1).

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