Upcoming Nexus vs iPhone 5: How Google Can Hit Apple Hard

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The iPhone 5 will have to deal with numerous Android handsets and Windows Phone 8 handsets. However there is one Android device that may have the upperhand over whatever else is on the market, if it plays its cards right.

Upcoming Nexus phone vs iPhone 5

It is thought that Motorola will soon be releasing their Droid Razr HD. Samsung of course have the Note 2 coming out, and Google have been rumored to be expanding their popular Nexus handsets. At the moment there is no word of this happening, but it is thought that they will be releasing more than one device before the year is out. More Nexus handsets could very well tempt buyers away for the iPhone 5, along with the Nokia Lumia 920. So what does Google need to do to ensure its Nexus phones will be able to rival the iPhone 5?

One of the changes that are needed is for Google to offer the Nexus handsets on more than one carrier. When they launched the original Nexus, it was on Verizon only and then followed a Sprint version. Consumers want choice, and they don’t want to have to pay a large sum of money for an unlocked version, to use it with the carrier of their choice. So in addition to launching the Nexus phones across all carriers simultaneously, they may consider dropping the price to around the $300 for an unlocked model. When the Samsung Galaxy Nexus dropped to $399 via the Google store, it started to sell like hotcakes.

Updates are another thing that people don’t want to wait around for. Those on Verizon had to wait over a month, just to get an update for a bug fix. Then there was the thing with the update to Jelly Bean. If the next Nexus handset is to do well then Google need to promise to get updates out faster. They already can promise customers that they will be getting an update, it just has to be in a timely manner.

Materials are another consideration that Google should give some thought to. After all does the plastic make the Nexus look as though it is worth paying flagship device-like prices for? Google may want to take a good look at the materials used on the iPhone 5, as this device says it is a premium handset. The exterior of the Nexus handsets needs to reflect the interior which is beautiful thanks to the Holo UI of stock Android.

A bigger battery would be welcomed on the next Nexus handset. With the bug fix finally been released there has been an improvement with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, however the iPhone 5 is said to have great battery life. Therefore the new Nexus handset should be even better and wipe of the paranoia users have with battery life and Android devices.

When the new Nexus handset is released it needs to have software that is free of bugs. Jelly Bean needs to have had all the kinks taken out of it and it should be perfect. The iPhone is well known for its superb iOS and iOS 6 had seen numerous improvements. A Nexus handset can only do as well as OS that it is launched with.

Google, along with their chosen partner or partners may well be able to eliminate the paranoia iPhone users have with the Android platform if they address this issues. Furthermore, they could also set the way for other manufacturers of Android handsets to build future Android products and ensure that there are no weak links in the Android chain to tarnish its name.

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