Early iPhone 5 Reboot Could Mean Trouble For Android In 2013

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The iPhone 5 has been on the market for just over a month now and there are already speculations of its successor, the iPhone 6, coming alongside a new iPad next summer instead of the fall.

Of course this would be earlier than many fans thought as Apple seemed to have moved their release dates to the fall given the recent iPhone 5 launch as well as the 4S. However Digitimes have said that the component makers are waiting for large orders from Apple in March or April of next year.

Apple iPhone 5 successor may arrive ahead of schedule

Digitimes of course has a mixed record as they do have a somewhat tarnished reputation in the media and consumer outlets. However they have been successful in predicting the releases of Apple in the past.

According to them TSMC and ASE are both expecting to do great business with Apple during the last half of Q1 2013, following a slowdown in the first two months of the New Year. This is thought to match last year on the run up to Apple revealing the iPhone 5 in September.

So could Apple be about to move their launch of new products from just before the holiday period to summer. It could be their way of trying to avoid a slump in the middle of the year or it could be that they want to beat competitor’s releases. Android handsets are released continually and this means that the iPhone is often outdone for some months at a time. Case and point Samsung Galaxy S3.

Fall releases have also seen Apple have problems with meeting demand. The iPhone 5 was released on 12th September and back orders are still 2 to 3 weeks. People are having a hard time getting their hands on all capacities and configurations with retailers, and this could turn off some would-be buyers, and send them Android’s way.

Apple has always announced new devices at the WWDC in June. However they recently moved away from this. The last time a device was launched at WWDC it was in 2010 and it was the iPhone 4 and iOS 4. It could be that Apple will want to get software announcements and hardware announcements in sync once again.

It is thought that the next generation iPhone 6 will look like the iPhone 5. this would coincide with Apple’s tick tock release, which sees them releasing a major update which is then followed by a device that has minor upgrades.

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